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The Further Adventures of Biscayne Plaza PDF Print E-mail
Written By Karen-Janine Cohen
APRIL 2011


A Saturday farmers market is drawing new customers to Biscayne Plaza. BT photos by Karen-Janine Cohen.


Calling it a renaissance would be a wild stretch, but recent events at Biscayne Plaza, the iconic shopping center at 79th Street and Biscayne Boulevard, are giving nearby residents hope that one day small retailers, yoga studios, and cafés might join with anchor tenants to create the kind of neighborhood nexus they’ve long desired.

Mindy McIlroy, a top executive at Terranova Corp., the Miami Beach-based firm that manages the center, says several million dollars will be spent on upgrades, and ink is almost dry on a lease with a national “soft-goods,” retailer. “We need some of those big-name retailers to come to Biscayne Plaza to drive leases into the smaller spaces,” she says.

Sabor Tropical Supermarket swooped in at the last minute to replace Presidente after that chain balked at signing a long-term lease. Sabor not only signed a ten-year lease, but agreed to spend more than a million dollars on improvements. A Saturday farmers market has been at the plaza since February, and plans are afoot to attract local artists to vacant second-story office spaces.

McIlroy, herself an Upper Eastside resident, has taken a personal and public interest in the center. “This really speaks to me,” she says of the plaza. “I know that corner is irreplaceable real estate. It’s such a powerful corner.”

And after years of wild rumors (Publix? Target? Walmart?) and residents frustrated by Terranova’s opacity about its intentions, McIlroy is reaching out to homeowner associations and neighborhood groups from all areas that border the plaza to keep them apprised of events. So far her efforts seem to be paying off. [READ MORE]



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The Upper Eastside Farmer’s Market has become quite the attraction at Biscayne Plaza. Here are a few recent photos of the event:

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We’re having a great time at the Upper Eastside Farmer’s Market at Biscayne Plaza and we’d love to see you out there! Fill out this quick survey below and let us know your thoughts about the farmers market and about future stores and events at Biscayne Plaza!

FRESH, LOCAL, ORGANIC Farmer’s Market in Miami’s Upper Eastside

CREDIT, DEBIT and EBT ACCEPTED. EBT matched up to $10!!

Good, Healthy Food For ALL.

*We will NOT share your information with anyone.

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UPDATE: Due to lack of participation from the local Food Truck operators this event and offer has been discontinued. Please feel free to contact use if you are a part of a group of trucks willing to participate on an on-going basis. We’d be more than happy to reinstate the program. Thanks!


Attention Mobile Food Truck Vendors:

Thank you for expressing interest in joining the Street Food Court at Biscayne Plaza taking place every Thursday, 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM at Biscayne Plaza Shopping Center, 561 NE 79th street, Miami.

We have spoken to quite a few truck vendors and have heard your suggestions on how to make this event even better. The new revamped  Street Food Court at Biscayne Plaza will feature:

  • Increased visibility to evening rush hour traffic  – Trucks moved to intersection of 79th street and Biscayne Blvd (check out the traffic count below!)
  • An event stage with live music and performances
  • Family-friendly grassy ‘astro turf’ green area and picnic benches
  • On-site bathrooms
  • Beer and wine available on-site
  • Simple and easy truck registration process

Here’s a rendering of what the new event will look like:

If you are interested in joining the Street Food Court at Biscayne Plaza please give me a call and join us this Thursday night, 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM at Biscayne Plaza Shopping Center, 561 NE 79th street, Miami.  If we get the commitment of a few trucks this Thursday, we will roll out the revamped Food Truck event next week.

NO PAPERWORK needed up-front!

The weekly Street Food Court at Biscayne Plaza in conjunction with the Upper Eastside Farmer’s Market at Biscayne Plaza are Biscayne Corridor community building initiatives.

NO FEES are charged to any participants and the event are FREE and OPEN to the public.

Join us in helping to revitalize this area of Biscayne Corridor.  READ MORE about our efforts here:







Everyone TALKS about wanting to be a part of CHANGE… Here’s YOUR chance to actually BE about it!




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Here are a few of the pictures of the Farmer’s Market at Biscayne Plaza this past Saturday.

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Members of the Upper Eastside – Miami Community:

The upper eastside has a new seasonal market. Introducing the “Upper Eastside Farmer’s Market at Biscayne Plaza”.

All fresh, locally grown produce brought to you by the good folks at Terranova Corporation and Urban Oasis Project, Inc.  Read all about it below.

With any media inquiries, please contact:

Kelliann McDonald, Terranova Corporation


READ MORE From the Miami Herald Herehttp://www.miamiherald.com/2011/02/16/2070101/new-farmers-market-to-launch-this.html

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